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Welcome to Casual Media. Casual Media was created with the specific goal of helping people who aren't sure how to get their own website, but either need or want one with minimal fuss... and minimal cost. I pride myself on ensuring that there's no 'hard sell', no baffling technical terminology, no pressure, no rush, and no ridiculously high costs or hidden fees. Once your website is created I ensure it's listed in the major search engines, and I'll be there to make fast adjustments for you via emails. You don't need to know anything about how websites work.... ever! All you need is the ability to send emails with information and/or photos attached and I'll do the rest.

Once you've decided you want your own website, there are five simple steps to getting one:

Name... Price... Template... Contact... Information.

Step 1: Think of a name for your website, (this is called your 'domain' name) - it could be based on your name, like, or something entirely different, like This name can be anything you want, providing it's not already being used. I can help with your name choice if you are unsure.

Step 2: Choose a price level based on what you think you'll need for your website. (See the prices here). The most popular choice by far is the 'bronze' level, which is only £245.

Step 3: Choose a template design from the templates page.

Step 4: Email me to discuss your choices, and once we're ready to start we move onto step five.

Step 5: Email me the information that will become your website pages. This can be all emailed in one go, or you can send multiple emails as you gather the material.

The design and build of your website is not the end of our working relationship. Whichever level you choose, using my services means as long as your website is online and you wish to use me I'll be there to help with all your email enquiries, and any changes you want to make in the future are handled with similar simplicity. An email is all it takes - you're never left wondering what to do or how to change something, from minor updates to major changes and additions.

Why not send me an email to discuss the possibility of owning your own website? Most people I build websites for are unsure of what is needed, and are very pleasantly surprised at how easy I make the entire process. There won't be any hard selling going on, and even if you have no idea how websites work you could easily have an online presence within days of making contact.


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Remember, you can contact me any time at with any enquiries you might have, no matter how small or trivial you think they might be.

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